Empower your team to take care of their minds in 2019  

Some of the most successful CEO’s and entrepreneurs in the world (Google, Ford, Apple, LinkedIn) swear by the practice of meditation for a reason. Its benefits are scientifically backed-up and utterly life-changing.   

Workplace wellbeing is becoming a greater priority for organisations as they see a direct correlation between individual wellbeing and a company’s productivity and profits. A workforce that is healthier and happier means less sick days, less conflict, and a happier environment for everyone. Emerging as a new leader in workplace wellbeing, Susan Quirke is quickly building a reputation of success in the field of meditation. She guided over 8,000 people in meditation in 2018 in Ireland.   

What will meditation do for you, your staff and company?  

•    Increase clarity, creativity, innovation and focus in the workplace  
•    Reduce stress and generate more resilience in people’s capacity to deal with all that life brings  
•    Produce greater coherence and connection amongst the team  
•    Cultivate greater elegance in how conflict is navigated  
•    Generate sharper healthier happier minds  
•    Build a more compassionate and emotionally intelligent workforce  
•    Create 
a brighter energy in the day to day life of your staff and company   

Empower your team to take excellent care of their minds through the power of meditation by bringing meditation teacher Susan Quirke into your company for;  

•    Option A - Once off 1.5 hour workshop, or   
•    Option B - 3 x ‘learn to meditate’ 
1.5 hour sessions. Details and cost below.  

 “We held a meditation session with all staff members and it was a great success! A couple of people were quite sceptical beforehand as had no experience with meditation before, but everyone successfully entered into a highly relaxed state during the meditation thanks to Susan’s talk and guidance. The feedback from staff was unusually brilliant afterwards and the team would love to get Susan back in again. It’s so important to take time out from our hectic, busy lives from time to time!" 

– Lisa Synnott, Carzone, Dublin  

The business context: Employees worldwide have never before been faced with so much stress, anxiety and depression. This is affecting all aspects of life and work and has led the World Health Organisation to warn of a global mental health epidemic. This is affecting our performance and potential at work, spilling over into our home and family lives. Our happiness and health as a country is at risk.   

The solution is on your office doorstep: Employers are increasingly responding to these challenges by investing in workplace wellness offerings to support staff to better understand their own wellness needs, to build resilience, and to enhance organisational culture. Meditation is a brilliant, scientifically proven and simple way to start.   

Your wellness facilitator: Co. Clare based Susan Quirke is a dedicated, passionate and experienced meditation teacher who led over 8000 people in meditation in 2018. She has spent over ten years working at national level in the area of mental health and wellbeing. She is the winner of a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland IMPACT award and was shortlisted for the Image Business Woman Social Entrepreneur award in 2018 for her work in the field of mental health. She co-founded A Lust For Life, SpunOut.ie, managed the wellbeing areas of Electric Picnic and Body & Soul and has worked with the Soar Foundation.  Susan is a certified meditation teacher and trained with the 1 Giant Mind Academy in New York.  

Susan has two key offerings to promote greater wellness in the workplace:  

•    1.5 hour session - Includes a talk, Q&A and group meditation experience - €250   

•    3 x 
1 hour sessions – 3 x 1.5 hour empowering sessions which will leave your staff with an in-depth understanding of how to practice a simple highly effective meditation technique for the rest of their lives - €600. She will teach staff the meditation technique she uses personally on a daily basis.  

All workplace sessions are bespoke and include a talk on effect and an experience of meditation for everyone. Staff leave with a very simple meditation technique they can put into practice anytime, anywhere. Contact Susan here for further information or to make a booking.