‘I loved the structure of the course and the small group dynamic. Susan’s presence and authenticity in the delivery of the information was exceptional. The meditation technique is straightforward and I liked how accessible it was. This course honestly gave me such deep relief on so many levels. So grateful for it.’ – Szabolcs Karikó 

'Susan is a fantastic teacher - very structured, caring and focussed in her approach with a genuine desire to make a long lasting positive impact in the lives of all she reaches through her meditation courses.' - Stephen Twaddell

‘Susan is a meditation master and I can honestly say she is the best teacher I’ve ever had. I’ve tried to learn meditation with many other teachers over the years but no one came close to Susan. Extraordinary presence, wisdom and insight. Within a week this course has already changed my life for the better.’ – Melanie 

‘I first met Susan in July 2019 at a group meditation she did for the Irish rugby team. I have since had close to ten personalised one-to-one sessions with her, and completed her 3-day Learn to Meditate online course. I am delighted to say she has been a massive reason in the improved quality of both my professional performance, but more importantly in my life. She’s been incredibly influential on me, as a player and a person.’ – Andrew Conway, Munster and Ireland international rugby player  

‘Susan doesn’t just talk about meditation, she embodies the traits of someone that meditates consistently.  There's a lot of trust involved in learning meditation from someone you don't know all that well, especially online, and thankfully Susan’s light was able to shine brightly through the screen. Susan teaches with such respect and reverence. I loved how real she is. She took the supposed mystique out of meditation, made it accessible and attainable, and broke the method down into manageable bits. The course has been a gift that I wasn't aware I needed until after I was in possession of its beautiful lessons.’ – Tara 

'I found this course exceptional. Susan’s teaching and way with people is something special. The technique is simple to do and for that reason I’ve been able to work it into my daily routine quite easily. I am noticing subtle positive benefits all the time.’ – Sinéad 

‘Susan as a teacher is very natural, welcoming, and genuine and she creates a deep connection with all the participants on the course. Highly recommend.’ – Patrick 

‘I was a little nervous starting the course as I hadn’t done much meditation, that feeling lasted only a few minutes once I started and heard Susan’s calm and compassionate voice.  Susan makes you feel at ease straight away, she has such a warm personality.  I enjoyed every minute of the course, it was fun and informative at the same time. I felt confident beginning my meditation journey and I know I have Susan’s support when I need it. She makes herself very available to her students.  I am only a week in and I’m already feeling an inner peace. Highly recommend giving it a go, it’s time to put yourself first.’ - Yvonne 

‘I got so much from this experience. Susan has such a beautiful, open and supportive approach to her teaching that makes it so accessible to everyone in the group. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is drawn to meditation or curious to learn more.’ – Sinéad 

‘Susan’s meditation course was taught beautifully and she explained everything so clearly. I find myself looking forward to my meditation every day now and would urge everyone to give it a try for themselves. I loved it.’ – David Lynch 

‘I totally recommend this course! I did it last week having struggled to mediate in the past. Susan’s love, passion and belief in the ‘Being technique’ is infectious. Never ever thought I would be someone who could mediate daily but as Susan says; ‘there is no such thing as a bad meditation.’  Lovely opportunity to connect with like-minded people during this difficult time too.’ 
Orlette McGrath-Massey 

‘Learning meditation with Susan was like giving myself a beautiful present. As a teacher she made me believe from the very first moment that this was going to be so worthwhile and it was. It was a joy and a privilege to be taught by her and I came away with a technique that is really enriching my life.’ – Annette

‘We held a meditation session with all staff members and it was a great success! A couple of people were quite sceptical beforehand as had no experience with meditation before, but everyone successfully entered into a highly relaxed state during the meditation thanks to Susan’s talk and guidance. The feedback from staff was unusually brilliant afterwards and the team would love to get Susan back in again. It’s so important to take time out from our hectic, busy lives from time to time!’ – Lisa Synnott, Carzone, Dublin

'I took part in Susan's online meditation programme during the lockdown because I was feeling very low in mood and energy and finally had the time to do something for myself and I have ended up giving myself the best gift of all. I have so much energy, my family are calmer too (the ripple effect), and all because I'm dealing with life in a different way, I've only started this meditation journey and already I'm reaping the rewards. Susan is a beautiful gentle and inspiring teacher. She really held the group and I definitely felt safe and easy in her presence. I learned so much and I would urge anyone that wants to change their lives for the better to do this course. Hand on heart it's been the most rewarding course I've ever taken and I've taken lots.' - Jacinta Sheeran