Susie Q, otherwise known as Susan Quirke is a meditation teacher, musician, singer, song-writer and award winning social entrepreneur who will in 2018 launch her debut album 'Into the Sea'. Her music, which has received national and international attention, like all her work is offered as an expression of healing in a world that needs it.

As well as her focus on music, Susie Q has spent over ten years working at a high level when it comes to promoting health and wellness in society. She was part of the founding team of the pioneering SpunOut national youth organisation, and was also involved in the early days of the Soar Foundation. In 2011, she was part of the core crew which led the Possibilities 2011 social activism event which brought the Dalai Lama to Ireland. More recently she co-founded the A Lust For Life mental health and well-being movement and is a winner of a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland IMPACT award as a result of this work, as well as being shortlisted for the Image Business Woman Social Entrepreneur award. All of this work has given her deep insights into the many issues facing humanity, including the stress and suffering that exists at all levels of society.

Susie Q has been practicing meditation daily for many years and has witnessed within herself the life changing aspects of this practice such as rapid recovery from stress and fatigue, breaking free from conditioning, and a deeper expansion of self-awareness so she can be of greater service in the world. Currently she is one of a select group of global students of the 1 Giant Mind academy in New York. She now offers talks, classes, workshops and mentoring throughout Ireland so that others can benefit from the rich insights of this ancient practice. 

"I feel compelled to share this powerful tool that has been so effective and life-changing for me. Meditation is not a silver bullet for all ills but it offers a profound and accessible resource for those who are yearning to feel greater peace of mind, connection, purpose, love, well-being and a release from the stresses and strains modern day life has on our nervous systems, minds and hearts."  


  • WellFest - Sunday May 15th at 2pm on the WellSoul stage - Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin   
  • Body&Soul festival - Saturday, June 23rd on the Main Stage at 12pm, Ballinlough Castle, Co. Westmeath


If you want to find out more details please use the CONTACT section of this website.

"When you drop into meditation you dunk your mind into the massive reservoir of support that is already inside you. You activate and power up this inner reservoir and this enables you to live your life with greater ease, focus, intuition, personal power, creativity and peace of mind. It’s simple to do, there is no great mystery, we can all do it. It’s also good to do this in community with others, which is why I’ve decided to run some small group meditations in Dublin over the coming weeks and months, drop me a message if interested and I’ll keep you posted on details. Something special happens when a bunch of people gather together in this way. No meditation experience required." - Susie Q    

If you want to find out more please use the CONTACT section of this website. 

Hear the Susie Q interview where she talks about music and meditation on Roisin Ingle's 'Roisin Meets' Irish Times podcast here. 

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